In pursuit of automation and aligning all key processes in line with state of the art systems and practices, PSO has adopted SAP Ariba; a dynamic, digital market place where millions of buyers and suppliers interact in over 190 countries.

By introduction of this future focused platform, SAP Ariba, PSO aims to improve the efficiency of its procurement process by not only allowing a greater number of vendors to conveniently access PSO tenders online but also reducing turnaround procurement cycle time and improving cost effectiveness.

All vendors currently working with PSO and prospective service providers are requested to register on SAP Ariba Portal in order to participate in PSO tenders.

Click here to register now with SAP Ariba network to access PSO tenders.

SAP ARIBA Suppliers’ Registration Guide

SAP ARIBA Discovery Suppliers Guide

Responding to Events in SAP ARIBA - Suppliers Guide